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Core Activities

Knowing God and developing a good relationship with Him is of prime importance to us. AGSA members therefore have the opportunity to listen to talks from seasoned men of God and Christians to challenge them to be disciplined and to live their lives fully dedicated to God. Twice a year, seminars are organized to address specific Christian growth needs. The boys are also encouraged to uphold godly standards and serve as examples wherever they find themselves (at home, in school and places of learning/apprenticeship among others)..

Our experienced Coaching Team takes care of member’s age specific physical needs. Proper development of agility, speed and explosiveness are crucial for the young players. Injury prevention is a priority in our trainings. Our trainings require a high level of concentration which often results in academic benefits, stress reduction and weight loss among others. Our exercises and trainings promote and develop the general motor skills of our members including orientation, coordination, reaction and decision making.

Mental and Emotional Development: The importance of possessing a positive attitude/outlook and its connection to excellence is clear. In this spirit, members get to learn the importance of mental strength, tenacity, dedication and determination. To boost the emotional development of our players, members are praised for a job well done which goes a long way to increase their confidence and good self-esteem levels. Mistakes on the other hand are an important part of the learning process.

Sports has a unique ability to bring us together in such a way that allows us to transcend our differences and find common ground. AGSA is committed to finding creative ways to use sports to inspire positive social change and reinforce good behavior. To this end, the academy organized activities such as clean-up activities in the community to bring parents and other community members together.

The After-School and Saturday Programmes: Our After-School programme takes place every Friday between 3:00pm and 6:30pm and offers the perfect mix of short teaching and learning (T&L) sessions on our beautifully well–manicured lawns with mats to comfortably seat the boys and challenging trainings for boys. Our well known AGSA Saturday programme is the main event of the week, where all our AGSA superstars regardless of their soccer level, express their passion for the most beautiful game as they play and develop in an ambience of fun and friendship their special technical soccer skills, supported by our experienced technical bench. The Saturday programme starts from 2 pm to 6:30 pm. This comprises extended teaching sessions from various resource persons followed by a question and answer(Q&A) segment after which training follows at the park. These resource persons include footballers (nationals playing in the national team and international clubs, ex-footballers, coaches,rreferees and football administrators who visit and to shre their experiences with the boys The T&L sessions are for girls and boys alike!

Vacation Programmes: During school breaks, we meet the boys daily. Our vacation programme takes place every Monday to Friday between 3:00pm and 6:30pm.

Refreshments after training: We recognize the need for good nutrition, which is why we provide FREE snacks and nutritional meals after our meetings in addition to water. Refreshments include warm or hot milo/cocoa drink depending on the season, cold bisap drinks and kenkey smoothie (popularly called ‘mashke’) served with slices of bread with margarine, honey or peanut butter. Biscuits and fruit juices are also served.

Community Outreach: Because the families of our members mean so much to AGSA, we reach out regularly to the communities nearby to visit the families and get to know them better. In some cases, the academy has provided some support to some needy families. So make your Soccer Dream a reality! Bring along your passion, your energy and your biggest SMILE!
Thank you for being part of our AGSA community, thank you for your trust in this important mission of helping and supporting your children on the journey of becoming great adults and impacting their generation positively!

We love to see our soccer superstars rising high. Some of them need serious competition to rise even higher. Being part of a sports team and meeting other teams have added benefits for the boys as it further improves their social skills to mention a few. We therefore organize regular (twice every quarter) friendly games (home and away matches) with other football clubs and teams in Accra.

Stadium Visits: The academy also organizes regular visits to the Accra Sports Stadium to see some matches to give the necessary exposure and inspiration to these young ones who want to play professional football in the near future. These stadium trips are therefore a huge source of excitement as they have opportunity to see their favourite players. In the near future, AGSA will volunteer as ball boys at the stadium and also play curtain raisers where possible.

Our Teams